Jul 3, 2011

IOL News – Minister “interfered” in selection of SABC Head – 3 July 2011

Independent Newspapers alleges that the Minister of Communications has been interfering in the appointment process of the SABC’s CEO. Minister_interfered_in_selection_of_SABC_head_-_3_July_2011
Jul 3, 2011

City Press – Axed SABC CEO hits legal road – 3 July 2011

Ousted SABC acting CEO Robin Nicholson will go to court to fight the public broadcaster’s board for alleged breach of contract. Axed_SABC_CEO_hits_legal_road_-_3_July_2011
Jul 3, 2011

Sunday Times – Race is on again for top job at SABC – 3 July 2011

The Sunday Times is reporting that the ANC is unhappy with the SABC Board’s choice to replace Robin Nicholson. Race_is_on_again_for_top_job_at_SABC_-_3_July_2011
Jul 4, 2011

New Age – Ousted SABC boss – threatens court action – 4 July 2011

Robin Nicholson has threatened court action against the SABC. The article looks at some of the problems around Nicholson. New_Age_-_Ousted_SABC_Boss_Threatens_Court_Action_-_4th_July_2011
Jul 25, 2011

ScreenAfrica – SA’s first video on demand (VOD) service – 25 July 2011

DSTV is offering video on demand (VOD) for the first time in South Africa. Screenafrica_-_SAs_first_VOD_service
Aug 2, 2011

Business Day – Executive infighting drains SABC finances – 2 August 2011

Previous acting CEO, Robin Nicholson is taking the SABC to court. This follows an ongoing trend at the SABC with the corporation having to pay out […]
Sep 1, 2011

IOL News – Public broadcaster in review in Pretoria – 1 September 2011

The SOS: Support Public Broadcasting Coalition is meeting with the Minister of Communications to discuss its views for a new vision for public broadcasting. The Minister […]
Sep 2, 2011

Business Day – SOS to meet Minister over SABC’s mandate – 2 September 2011

The SOS: Support Public Broadcasting Coalition has been invited to Pretoria to meet with the Minister of Communications, Mr. Roy Padayachie to discuss the Minister’s planned […]
Sep 2, 2011

Business Day – SABC probe finds R1.4bn misuse of funds, fraud – 2 Sept 2011

The Special Investigating Unit (SIU), called in by the SABC Board has uncovered R1.4bn of misuse of funds at the SABC. Business_Day_-_SABC_probe_finds_R14bn_misuse_of_funds_fraud_-_2_Sept_2011
Sep 5, 2011

Daily Maverick – Govt listens to public broadcasting coalition’s SOS – 5 Sept 2011

The Minister of Communications has asked the SOS Coalition to assist it to shape new broadcasting legislation. GOVERNMENT_LISTENS_TO_PUBLIC_BROADCASTING_COALITION_-_5_September_2011