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Mar 31, 2011

IT Web – Sentech Gets On With Business – 31 March 2011

Sentech has managed to turn its dire financial situation around. It has a number of ambitious plans in the pipeline including digital migration. Sentech_gets_on_with_business_-_31_March_2011
Apr 28, 2011

Mail and Guardian – M&G vindicated by BCCSA ruling – 28 April 2011

In the Robert Gumede case, the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa ruled against the SABC and in favour of the Mail and Guardian newspaper. MG_vindicated_by_BCCSA_ruling_-_28_April_2011
May 6, 2011

Tech Central – Let us help you, MTN tells broadcasters – 5 May 2011

The mobile operators want to speed up the digital migration process to ensure that they get quicker access to the spectrum that will be freed up. […]
May 11, 2011

Tech Central – Pay TV’s New Contender – 11 May 2011

There will be a new contender in the pay-TV market. A video-on-demand offer will be available from September 2011. Pay_TVs_New_Contender_-_11_May_2011
May 19, 2011

Business Day – SABC asks for more cash – 19 May 2011

The SABC has asked Parliament for more funding – especially for digital migration issues. Business_Day_-_SABC_asks_for_more_cash_-_19_May_2011
May 24, 2011

Business Live – SABC misses government guarantee targets – 24 May 2011

The SABC has told Parliament that it will miss its government guarantee targets. Business_Live_-_SABC_misses_government_guarantee_targets_-_24_May_2011
May 31, 2011

BCCSA ruling on the Sam Sole / Robert Gumede Matter – 31 May 2011

The Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa’s ruling on the Sam Sole / Robert Gumede matter, Case no 17 of 2011. The SABC appealed the original […]
Jun 7, 2011

Mail and Guardian – SABC’s desperate bid to be right – 7 June 2011

The SABC is refusing to air an apology on the Robert Gumede matter during primetime TV. It has decided to take the matter to ICASA. SABCs_desperate_bid_to_be_right_-_7_June_2011
Jun 9, 2011

SABC Press Statement – BCCSA process and the Mail and Guardian – 9 June 2011

The SABC will be appealing the BCCS; A judgement on the Sam Sole / Robert Gumede matter at ICASA’s Complaints and Compliance Committee. BCCSA_process_and_Mail_and_Guardian_-_9_June_2011  
Jun 15, 2011

Mail and Guardian – Bid to thwart M&G ruling leaves SABC in suspense – 15 June 2011

The SABC is contesting the BCCSA’s ruling on the Robert Gumede matter. Bid_to_thwart_MG_ruling_leaves_SABC_in_suspense_-_15_June_2011