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Jun 15, 2011

BCCSA ruling on the Sam Sole / Robert Gumede matter – 15 June 2011

The third BCCSA ruling on the Sam Sole / Robert Gumede matter. Application_for_the_Extension_of_the_Mail_Guardian_Order_Broadcast_Date_Judgment_25_2
Jun 15, 2011

ScreenAfrica – Digital TV households reach 42% worldwide – 15 June 2011

ScreenAfrica reports that 42% of TV households globally are now digital. Digital_TV_households_reach_42_-_15_June_2011
Jun 17, 2011

Mail and Guardian – SABC’s obduracy hurts its editorial credibility – 17 June 2011

The SABC is refusing to abide by a ruling of the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa in favour of the Mail & Guardian. The case […]
Jun 21, 2011

ScreenAfrica – MMA raises self-regulation issues in SABC/ BCCSA matter – 21 June 2011

ScreenAfrica reports on the SABC’s unhappiness with Media Monitoring Africa’s comments on the Sam Sole, Mail&Guardian and Robert Gumede matter. MMA_raises_self_regulation_issue_in_SABC_-_21_June_2011
Jun 24, 2011

Mail and Guardian – Three strikes, SABC may be out – 24 June 2011

The SABC has lost yet another round in its campaign to avoid airing a scathing ruling against it by the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa […]
Jun 25, 2011

Mail and Guardian – SABC Broadcasts BCCSA judgement vindicating M&G – 25 June 2011

The SABC has finally broadcast the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa’s (BCCSA) ruling into the Sam Sole / Robert Gumede matter. The SABC Board insisted […]
Jul 1, 2011

Press Statement – Resignation of SABC Board member and new Acting CEO – 1 July 2011

SOS press statement on the resignation of SABC Board member, Peter Harris and the appointment of Acting CEO, Phil Molefe. PS_-_1_July_-_Resignation_of_Peter_Harris_and_appointment_of_acting_CEO_-_final
Jul 3, 2011

IOL News – Minister “interfered” in selection of SABC Head – 3 July 2011

Independent Newspapers alleges that the Minister of Communications has been interfering in the appointment process of the SABC’s CEO. Minister_interfered_in_selection_of_SABC_head_-_3_July_2011
Jul 3, 2011

City Press – Axed SABC CEO hits legal road – 3 July 2011

Ousted SABC acting CEO Robin Nicholson will go to court to fight the public broadcaster’s board for alleged breach of contract. Axed_SABC_CEO_hits_legal_road_-_3_July_2011
Jul 3, 2011

Sunday Times – Race is on again for top job at SABC – 3 July 2011

The Sunday Times is reporting that the ANC is unhappy with the SABC Board’s choice to replace Robin Nicholson. Race_is_on_again_for_top_job_at_SABC_-_3_July_2011