The SOS Coalition was established in 2008 as a Civil Society Coalition to engage in a single-issue campaign – that is to ensure that the SABC broadcasts in the best interest of the public. We campaign for and are committed to public broadcasting in the public interest. The organisation exists in its own right, separately from its members and employees.

The Coalition is an NPO made up of NGOs, CBOs, Trade Unions, Trade Union Federations, and individuals (academics, freedom of expression activists, policy and legal consultants, actors, script-writers, film-makers, producers, directors, etc) who have partnered to champion democratic media.

We are dedicated to building a critical mass of “people power” to catalyse positive outcomes for broadcasting in the public interest.


Our purpose is to lobby for the strengthening of public and community broadcasting in the public interest, with the aim of ensuring excellent programming for South African audiences, particularly from the SABC.


  • Lobbying for citizen friendly policy, regulatory and legislative changes in relation to public and community broadcasting.
  • Lobbying for appropriate public accountability and transparency from all institutions governing public and community broadcasting, including Parliament, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), the Department and Ministry of Communications, the Media Development and Diversity Agency (MDDA) and the SABC and community broadcasters.
  • Lobbying for quality public programming on the SABC and all community broadcasters.
  • The Coalition adopts a “constructively critical” approach in the way in which we work, as our aim is to build good working relations with all the institutions with which we operate, while maintaining our independence.