Get acquainted with our new National Coordinator

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Jul 19, 2022
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Jul 29, 2022
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Get acquainted with our new National Coordinator

On 21 April 2022 the SOS: Support Public Broadcasting Coalition appointed Uyanda Siyotula as its new National Coordinator. The Coalition is delighted to have yet another young Black woman leading the organisation. Ms Siyotula will be working very closely with our Board, members and the Legal Advocacy Subcommittee to give guidance and direction to our work in holding our public broadcaster to the highest standards of ethical and accountable broadcasting.

Ms Siyotula holds an honours degree in Media Studies from Wits University and is currently a Masters Candidate at the same institution.

Uyanda has a keen interest in media freedom, policy, digital media and media law. She is no stranger to civil society and the media sector. Between 2012 and 2014, she worked for Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) on a Children’s Monitoring Project. She later joined the Higher Education sector as a Lecturer in Journalism, Media Studies and Public Relations. This kept alive her love and passion for broadcast media and communication, and she welcomes the move to a clear focus on our public broadcaster, its regulatory and oversight environment, and holding it accountable to the public(s).

Her role at SOS is to provide strategic leadership, drive planning, budgeting and fundraising, oversee operations, and represent the organisation in the public domain.

Having been with The Coalition for nearly three months, Uyanda says, “It has been very hectic yet exciting. There is much to be done by civil society; and it is good to start feeling at home in an ethical space that is driven by social justice.”

The Coalition is delighted to have Uyanda on board, she has our full support, and we wish her well!