Mar 1, 2009

Ownership and control – an international perspective – Toby Mendel March 2010

Canadian broadcasting expert Toby Mendel assisted the SOS Coalition with some research on ownership and control issues from an international perspective. Mendel comments on ICASA’s Ownership […]
Jul 1, 2009

FXI Press statement re: ICASA’s judgment on the blacklisting controversy – 30 June 2009

The Freedom of Expression Institute’s press statement outlining the institution’s disappointment at ICASA’s ruling on the blacklisting controversy. FXI pointed out that ICASA’s Complaints and Compliance […]
Aug 12, 2009

SOS Press Statement – Deadlines for PSB Discussion Paper too tight -12 August 2009

SOS’s press statement calling for an extension of the deadlines for comment on the Public Service Discussion Paper. Press_statement_12_Aug_09
Jan 15, 2010

NCRF Submission on the Public Service Broadcasting Bill, 2009 – 15 January 2010

Here is the National Community Radio Forum’s submission on the Draft Public Service Broadcasting Bill, 2009 submitted on the 15th of January 2010 NCRF_PBS_submission_final3
Feb 5, 2010

Press Statement – SOS urges Parly to extend deadline for SABC Board nominations – 5 Nov 2010

SOS urges Parliament to extend the deadline for SABC Board nominations to ensure time for the resolving of corporate governance breaches PS_-_5_November_-_nomination_of_new_SABC_board_members  
Jun 1, 2010

Parliamentary Monitoring Group minutes – Digital Migration Hearings – 1 June 2012

Parliamentary Monitoring Group (PMG) Minutes of the Digital Migration hearings held by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Communications on 1 June 2010. PMG_minutes_-_digitial_hearing_-_1_June_2010
Aug 27, 2010

Press Statement – SOS welcomes the Board’s decision to suspend the CEO – 27 August 2010

SOS welcomed the Board’s decision to suspend the CEO due to his support for corporate governance breaches at the SABC. PS_-_27_Aug_2010_-_Corporate_governance_breaches_must_be_resolved
Oct 17, 2010

Department of Communications – Nyanda reaches an agreement with SABC Board & Sentech – 17 Oct 2010

Minister Nyanda comments on developments at Sentech, the SABC and the Department of Communications. MINISTER_NYANDA_REACHES_AN_AGREEMENT_WITH_SABC_AND_SENTECH_BOARDS
Oct 22, 2010

Press Statement – Collective Responsibility Needed to Resolve SABC Crisis – 22 October 2010

SOS notes the outcomes of the Parliamentary Hearing on 20 October. SOS condemns the Board for lack of preparation but notes that not only the Board […]
Nov 1, 2010

Press Statement – SOS welcomes appointment of Minister, Board nomination issues – 1 Nov 2010

SOS welcomes the appointment of the new Minister and Deputy Minister of Communications. SOS urges civil society not to nominate new board members until the corporate […]