Mar 6, 2000

Broadcasting Act,1999, amended 2009

South Africa’s Broadcasting Act passed in 1999 and amended a number of times including most recently in 2009. Broadcasting_Act
Jan 1, 2004

SABC Editorial Policies – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the SABC’s editorial policies. SABC_editorial_policies_-_frequently_asked_questions
Feb 10, 2004

The ICASA Act, 2000

The ICASA Act was passed in 2000. It was then amended again in 2002, 2004 and 2006. It is now up for further amendments.SOS is worried […]
Feb 14, 2004

ICASA Position Paper – Ownership and Control January 2004

The ICASA Position Paper 2004 set out ICASA’s proposals around changing ownership and control regulations in the country. Industry argued that the regulations were too stringent […]
Jun 1, 2004

SABC Editorial Policies – 2004

The SABC’s editorial policies adopted in 2004. Editorialpolicies_rev
Jul 4, 2008

Draft Broadcasting Amendment Bill, 4 July 2008

The Draft Broadcasting Amendment Bill was published on 4 July 2008. It was introduced by Members of Parliament. Its main purpose was to allow for the […]
Sep 1, 2008

Broadcasting Digital Migration Policy for South Africa – September 2008

The Broadcasting Digital Migration Policy for South Africa sets out the parameters for migrating the country’s broadcasting system from analogue to digital. The particular focus of […]
Mar 5, 2009

Broadcasting Amendment Act, New Clauses passed in March 2009

Here is a copy of the Broadcasting Amendment Act passed in March 2009. Broadcasting_Amendment_Act_2009 (1)
Mar 31, 2009

ICASA – Digital Terrestrial Television Regulations – 31 March 2009

ICASA’s Digital Terrestrial Television Regulations gazetted 31 March 2009. DTT_REGULATION_FOR_FINAL_PUBLIC_CONSULTATION
Jul 1, 2009

Draft STB manufacturing sector development strategy for SA – July 2009

South Africa’s official draft STB manufacturing development strategy adopted in July 2009. Set_top_box_regulations