Feb 14, 2004

ICASA Position Paper – Ownership and Control January 2004

The ICASA Position Paper 2004 set out ICASA’s proposals around changing ownership and control regulations in the country. Industry argued that the regulations were too stringent […]
Mar 25, 2011

Mail and Guardian – SABC told to air BCCSA ruling at primetime – 25 March 2011

The SABC has been told by the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) to run apology for its reporting around the Robert Gumede / Sam […]
Mar 25, 2011

Mail and Guardian Editorial – A Matter or Ethics – 25 March 2011

The M&G newspaper welcomes the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa’s ruling on the Sam Sole / Robert Gumede matter. The BCCSA ruled in favour of […]
Mar 28, 2011

Tech Central – Digital TV Here In A Year – 28 March 2011

Tech Central talks to the SABC’s Chief Technology Officer, Richard Waghorn about progress on migration to digital TV. Waghorn says that new set top boxes should […]
Mar 28, 2011

Tech Central – Sentech: From Zero to Potential Hero – 28 March 2011

Sentech carries most of the country’s terrestrial television and radio signals. It was in danger of collapse. Six months ago it could not collect more than […]
Mar 31, 2011

Mail and Guardian – Special Investigating Unit uncovers massive state corruption – 31 March 2011

The Special Investigating Unit has uncovered massive corruption, in the region of R2.4bn at the SABC SIU_uncovers_massive_state_corruption_-_31_March_2011
Mar 31, 2011

Tech Central – Harvesting the Digital Dividend – 31 March 2011

Migration from analogue to digital will free up a big chunk of valuable radio frequency that should take wireless broadband to a much wider consumer audience. […]
Mar 31, 2011

IT Web – Sentech Gets On With Business – 31 March 2011

Sentech has managed to turn its dire financial situation around. It has a number of ambitious plans in the pipeline including digital migration. Sentech_gets_on_with_business_-_31_March_2011
Apr 28, 2011

Mail and Guardian – M&G vindicated by BCCSA ruling – 28 April 2011

In the Robert Gumede case, the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa ruled against the SABC and in favour of the Mail and Guardian newspaper. MG_vindicated_by_BCCSA_ruling_-_28_April_2011
May 6, 2011

Tech Central – Let us help you, MTN tells broadcasters – 5 May 2011

The mobile operators want to speed up the digital migration process to ensure that they get quicker access to the spectrum that will be freed up. […]