Oct 19, 2011

Press statement – Embracing Media Freedom – 19 Oct 2011

SOS urges citizens and our public broadcaster to embrace “Media Freedom” day. PS_-_19_Oct_-_Embracing_media_freedom_-_final
Oct 25, 2011

Press statement – SOS urges new Comms Minister to push broadcasting policy reform – 25 Oct 2011

The SOS Coalition thanks the previous Minister and Deputy Minister of Communications for their hard work, welcomes the new Minister and Deputy Minister and urges the […]
Oct 26, 2011

Cosatu Mpumalanga press statement – Cosatu Mpumalanga congratulates Cde Dina Pule – 26 Oct 2011

Cosatu Mpumalanga congratulates Dina Pule on her elevation to the Minister of Communications. Pule hails from Mpumalanga and served as MEC in Mpumulanga for a number […]
Nov 4, 2011

Electronic Communications Amendment Bill, 2011

The Dept of Communications tabled an Electronic Communications Act Amendment on 4 November 2011. This Bill was later withdrawn. ECA_Amendment_Bill_Nov_2011 (1)
Nov 8, 2011

Open Letter – SABC Board members – urgent demand for info on maladministration of SABC – 8 Nov 2011

The SOS Coalition has called for Dr Ben Ngubane to resign and has requested that SABC Board members answer the questions initially posed to Dr. Ngubane. […]
Nov 8, 2011

Open Letter – Portfolio Committee on Comms re letter to SABC Board members – 8 Nov 2011

SOS’s letter to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Communications asking for assistance to ensure that the SABC answers all of SOS’s questions on maladministration at the […]
Nov 8, 2011

Open Letter – Minister of Comms re SOS letter to SABC Board members – 8 Nov 2011

Letter to the Minister of Comms to alert her to the fact that SOS has called for the resignation of the Chair of the Board, Dr […]
Nov 10, 2011

SOS Submission – Draft Digital Terrestrial Regulations – 10 November 2011

SOS’s submission on ICASA’s Draft DTT Regulations tabled in September 2011. SOS_Submission_-_DTT_Draft_Regs_-_10_November_2011_-_final
Nov 14, 2011

Letter to Minister of Comms – Broadcasting Policy Review & EC Amendment Draft Bill – 14 Nov 2011

SOS letter to the Minister of Comms asking for her to prioritise the broadcasting policy review process and to withdraw the Electronic Communications Amendment Draft Bill. […]
Nov 14, 2011

Ministry Statement – Minister’s statement after her first meeting with SABC Board – 14 Nov 2011

The Minister of Comms statement after her first meeting with the SABC Board. DEPARTMENT_OF_COMMUNICATIONS_-_on_meeting_with_the_SABC_Board_-_14_Nov_2011