Sep 23, 2011

SOS / R2K Community Broadcasting Workshop Report – 22 and 23 Sept 2011

This is the report of the SOS / R2K community broadcasting workshop held on the 22nd and 23rd of September 2011. SOS-R2K_Commmunity_Broadcasting_Workshop_Report_Final
Sep 23, 2011

SOS proposal for the roll out of the broadcasting policy review process – Sept 2011

The SOS Coalition’s proposal for the roll-out of the broadcasting policy review process drafted in September 2011. SOS_Proposal_for_the_Policy_Review_Process_2011-2013_29-09-11_-_final
Sep 28, 2011

ICASA – Draft Digital Terresterial Television Regulations – 28 Sept 2011

The Independent Communications Authority of SA’s Draft Digital Terrestrial Television Regulations published on 28 September 2011. These Regulations repeal the previous Digital Migration Regulations. Draft_DTT_Regs_-_2011  
Oct 6, 2011

SABC presentation – Sparks Seminar – Broadcasting in the Digital Age – 6 October 2011

Presentation delivered by Richard Waghorn, SABC Chief Technology Officer, on 6 October 2011 to the SOS, Institute for Advancement of Journalism (IAJ), Freedom of Expression Institute […]
Oct 6, 2011

SABC Presentation – Delivering a successful migration to digital TV – 6 Oct 2011

The presentation delivered by Richard Waghorn, SABC Chief Technology Officer to the SOS / Institute for Advancement of Journalism / FXI and Media Monitoring Africa event […]
Oct 11, 2011

Script for community broadcasters to run talkshows on public broadcasting – Oct 2011

The SOS Coalition and Right 2 Know have drafted a script for community broadcasters to use to run talkshows on public broadcasting issues and in particular […]
Oct 11, 2011

List of resource people for public broadcasting talkshows – October 2011

The SOS and Right 2 Know campaigns have put together a list of names of resource people that are prepared to talk on radio talkshows on […]
Oct 11, 2011

SOS pamphlet – principles of public broadcasting

The SOS Coalition has produced a pamphlet that outlines the major principles reflected in SOS’s vision for a strong new public broadcasting landscape. SOS_pamphlet_-_final
Oct 11, 2011

SOS / R2K community broadcaster workshop – feedback form for talkshows – October 2011

With the support of community broadcasters the SOS Coalition drafted a feedback form for broadcasters to fill in after broadcasting their talkshows on the public broadcasting […]
Oct 12, 2011

SABC Annual Report 2011

The 2011 Annual Report of the South African Broadcasting Corporation SABC Annual Report 2011