SOS Coordinator

Mar 23, 2011

SOS – Policy Suggestions on the Digital Dividend – 23 March 2011

SOS puts forward its initial suggestions on the digital dividend. Digital_Dividend_Para
Mar 22, 2011

Tech Central – New Office for Digital Migration – 22 March 2011

The Department of Communications is planning to set up a new office to manage the digital migration process. New_Office_for_Digital_Migration_-_22_March_2011
Mar 16, 2011

SOS comments on the Dept of Comms strategic plan 2011-14 – 16 March 2011

After analysing the DOC’s strategic plan for 2011 to 2014, the SOS Coalition was concerned that the Department’s promised broadcasting policy review had fallen off the […]
Mar 2, 2011

Minutes of Report by Monitoring Task Team on SABC’s Government Guarantee & Conditions – 28 Feb 2012

Please find attached minutes of the Report by the Monitoring Task Team on the Government Guarantee and Conditions applicable to the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC), […]
Mar 2, 2011

Press Statement – SOS welcomes Parliament’s move to fill SABC Board vacancies – 2 March 2011

The SOS Coalition has welcomed Parliament’s move to fill the four SABC board vacancies. Vacancies were created when four board members resigned in 2010. PS_-_2_March_2011_-_new_board_members
Feb 10, 2011

BCCSA ruling on the Sam Sole / Robert Gumede matter – 10 Feb 2011

The ruling from the Broadcast Complaints Commission of South Africa on the Sam Sole/ Robert Gumede matter. Mail_Guardian_Sole_vs_SABC3_and_SAFM_Judgment__05_
Feb 3, 2011

Open Letter- Minister of Comms re SABC COO Appointment & Related Matters – 2 Feb 2012

The SOS: Support Public Broadcasting Coalition notes the Minister’s intervention to ensure the integrity of the appointment of the SABC’s Chief Operating Officer (COO). The Coalition […]
Feb 2, 2011

DTT Implementation lessons – Richard Waghorn – 2 Feb 2011

Presentation by Richard Waghorn, SABC’s Chief Technology Officer, presented at the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation’s Digital Broadcasting Switchover Forum held on 2 Feb 2011. DTT_Implementation_Lessons_Learnt_Richard_Waghorn
Feb 1, 2011

Right 2 Know National Summit Report and Resolutions – Feb 2011

The R2K report contains a number of key resolutions on media diversity issues including on strengthening the community media sector. Appendix_2_-_R2K_National_Summit_report_and_resolutions
Jan 24, 2011

FXI / ICASA “blacklisting” High Court judgement – 24 Jan 2011

The High Court judgement on the SABC “blacklisting” issue. Copy_of_High_Court_judgement_-_FXI_SABC_and_ICASA_24_January_2011