SOS Coordinator

Nov 22, 2010

SOS Welcomes Minister’s Announcement to Review the PSB Bill – 22 Nov 201

SOS press statement welcoming the Minister of Communication’s announcement to withdraw the Public Service Broadcasting Bill. PS_-_22_November_2010_-_Withdrawal_of_PSB_Bill_-_final
Nov 18, 2010

SADIBA – Notes on Digital Terresterial TV – 18 Nov 2010

The Southern African Digital Broadcasting Association has put together a back-to-basics document about the benefits of digital television. The Paper argues why the DVB-T2 digital standard […]
Nov 18, 2010

Press Statement – SOS Welcomes Parly’s decision to extend Board Nomination Deadline – 18 Nov 2010

SOS welcomes Parliament’s decision to extend the deadline for SABC Board nominations to 6 December 2010. PS_-_18_November_-_SABC_Board_nominations_-_extension_of_deadline
Nov 15, 2010

Business Report – SOS calls on Padayachie to hold fire on passing Bills – 15 November 2010

The SOS Coalition has asked the Minister of Communications not to fast track the Public Service Broadcasting and ICASA Amendment Bills. SOS would like a comprehensive […]
Nov 12, 2010

Press Statement – SOS Responds to Minister Padayachie’s Media Briefing – 12 November 2010

SOS responds to the Minister’s press briefing on 11 November 2010. PS_-_12_November_-_SOS_responds_to_Minister_-_final
Nov 1, 2010

Press Statement – SOS welcomes appointment of Minister, Board nomination issues – 1 Nov 2010

SOS welcomes the appointment of the new Minister and Deputy Minister of Communications. SOS urges civil society not to nominate new board members until the corporate […]
Oct 22, 2010

Press Statement – Collective Responsibility Needed to Resolve SABC Crisis – 22 October 2010

SOS notes the outcomes of the Parliamentary Hearing on 20 October. SOS condemns the Board for lack of preparation but notes that not only the Board […]
Oct 17, 2010

Department of Communications – Nyanda reaches an agreement with SABC Board & Sentech – 17 Oct 2010

Minister Nyanda comments on developments at Sentech, the SABC and the Department of Communications. MINISTER_NYANDA_REACHES_AN_AGREEMENT_WITH_SABC_AND_SENTECH_BOARDS
Sep 25, 2010

Presentation ICASA Workshop – The Toothless Regulator – Prinola Govenden – 25 September 2010

Presentation made by Prinola Govenden from Media Monitoring Africa at SOS’s Workshop on “Strengthening ICASA – Ensuring the Regulator Operates in the Public Interest”. Prinola_ICASA_presentation_25_Aug
Aug 27, 2010

Press Statement – SOS welcomes the Board’s decision to suspend the CEO – 27 August 2010

SOS welcomed the Board’s decision to suspend the CEO due to his support for corporate governance breaches at the SABC. PS_-_27_Aug_2010_-_Corporate_governance_breaches_must_be_resolved