SOS Coordinator

Jul 1, 2009

Draft STB manufacturing sector development strategy for SA – July 2009

South Africa’s official draft STB manufacturing development strategy adopted in July 2009. Set_top_box_regulations
Jul 1, 2009

FXI Press statement re: ICASA’s judgment on the blacklisting controversy – 30 June 2009

The Freedom of Expression Institute’s press statement outlining the institution’s disappointment at ICASA’s ruling on the blacklisting controversy. FXI pointed out that ICASA’s Complaints and Compliance […]
Apr 23, 2009

Digital Terrestrial Television presentation to the SOS Working Group – 23 April 2009

Broadcasting consultant Libby Lloyd gave the SOS Working Group a presentation on the key digital broadcasting issues and concepts. She touched on the issues of set […]
Apr 1, 2009

SOS Submission – Digital Terrestrial Television Regulations – 1 April 2009

SOS’s submission submitted to ICASA April 2009 SOS_Submission_to_ICASA_-_April_09_final
Mar 31, 2009

ICASA – Digital Terrestrial Television Regulations – 31 March 2009

ICASA’s Digital Terrestrial Television Regulations gazetted 31 March 2009. DTT_REGULATION_FOR_FINAL_PUBLIC_CONSULTATION
Mar 5, 2009

Broadcasting Amendment Act, New Clauses passed in March 2009

Here is a copy of the Broadcasting Amendment Act passed in March 2009. Broadcasting_Amendment_Act_2009 (1)
Mar 1, 2009

Complaints and Compliance Committee, ICASA – Ruling on the FXI Blacklisting Complaint -1 March 2009

Here is the judgment of ICASA’s Complaints and Compliance Committee (CCC) on the Freedom of Expression Institute’s Blacklisting Complaint. The CCC was asked to make a […]
Mar 1, 2009

Ownership and control – an international perspective – Toby Mendel March 2010

Canadian broadcasting expert Toby Mendel assisted the SOS Coalition with some research on ownership and control issues from an international perspective. Mendel comments on ICASA’s Ownership […]
Jan 23, 2009

SOS Submission – Draft Digital Migration Framework Regulations – 23 January 2009

SOS’s submission submitted to ICASA January 2009. SOS_Submission_to_ICASA_-_Jan_09_final
Nov 12, 2008

SOS Submission – Draft Digital Migration Framework Regulations – 7 November 2008

SOS’s submission on ICASA’s Digital Migration Regulations submitted November 2008. SOS_Submission_to_ICASA_-_7_November_08 (1)